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Protesters opposed to the city’s proposal to add fluoride to the drinking water march on Vancouver City Hall. Today, the city’s water remains fluoride-free. August 24, 1976 | DENI EAGLAND

Her Vancouver was in Chapters Indigo for an event when we came across this amazing visual record: Vancouver in the 70s: Photos From a Decade That Changed the City. The exclusive images were compiled from The Vancouver Sun photo library and the book includes essays by long-time Sun News Research Librarian Kate Bird and former Sun journalist Shelley Fralic. Not only is Vancouver in the 70s a rich historical record of a rollicking decade buoyed by political upheaval and cultural evolution, through images of females as reformers, it reminds us that Vancouver women today have inherited a culture of activism.

What also stood out to us from these photos of Vancouver women in the 1970s is their portrayal of a predominately white, homogenous culture. Is ethnic diversity still underrepresented in the media? If these photos were taken today would they reveal that Vancouver is a multi-cultural society, of equal opportunity for all women?

It would be an interesting project.

Any takers?

A choir of three hundred student nurses gets in the holiday spirit, singing Christmas carols in front of the Centennial Pavilion at Vancouver General Hospital. December 15, 1976 | RALPH BOWER
Sixteen-year-old Pam Baxter and an army of young volunteers clean up bunker oil fouling Ambleside Beach after two freighters, the Sun Diamond and the Erawan, collided September 25 at the entrance to Burrard Inlet. October 2, 1973 | GLENN BAGLO
“Kitten Girls” worked as cocktail waitresses at the Kego 50 Club in Gastown. March 21, 1972 | GLENN BAGLO
Her Vancouver
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