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Music Class | Maggie Rogers

There are times we’re certain we live under a rock like when Her Vancouver’s music contributor, Della, introduced us to singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers and we were like, “Who?” Della showed us Maggie’s music video to her song Alaska and we fell in love with this girl’s folksy, electric pop vibe. Of course we’re not the only ones who know a good thing when we see it. Maggie Rogers shot to fame through a viral video of her sit-down critique with Pharrell William’s Masterclass at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. The only catch: Pharrell didn’t have any critiques. In fact, he was rendered practically speechless by her perfectly executed tune and her video for Alaska now has over 2 million views. Check out this girl, she’s amazing. Here’s another of her songs, Dog Years.

Below is a video of the Masterclass encounter that started this whole thing off.

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