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How to Embrace the Statement Earring Trend

At Her Vancouver we’re huge fans of the statement earring trend although some might argue there’s always a place for face-framing accessories. Jewelry designer Pamela Love is a master at creating edgy danglers out of brass and Rachel Comey is queen at pairing eye-catching earrings with cool, minimalist clothing. The catch-22 is these brands charge an arm and a leg for accessories made out of non-precious materials. Dare we pay $200 US for brass?

Pamela Love Large Beaumont Earrings

Our answer is no and so we’ve found a cost-efficient way to embrace a strong earring game. Thrift stores are full of gorgeous vintage accessories and while your initial reaction might be horror at the thought of sticking second-hand danglers through your lobes, it’s easy smeazy to disinfect used earrings and replace earring backs to make them like new.

How to Disinfect Earrings Naturally

Using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on metal can sometimes be too harsh or cause discolouration. We recommend the use of white-distilled vinegar. Place the earrings in a small bowl and submerge them in vinegar for 10 minutes to sanitize. Rinse and dry.

Where to Buy New Earring Backs

New earring backs in a variety of metals are not hard to come by. Your local craft store like Michaels always has them in stock. We also like these hypo allergenic bullet clutch earring backs with a pad.

Statement Earring Trend
How to Polish Brass

We love the look of brass earrings, it’s just a matter of knowing how to clean up a used pair to return them back to their former sheen. Wash the earrings in hot, soapy water (we like to use dish soap). Next make a paste of flour, salt and vinegar. A tablespoon of each should be sufficient. Apply the paste with a soft cloth and then wash in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. To improve corroded areas you can dip a slice of lemon into table salt and rub over the corroded area. Once again wash, rinse and dry carefully.

Cost Effectiveness

Although it is rare that brass jewelry will look new forever a vintage pair of earrings will set you back only $2 vs. a designer pair for $200. On a quest to embrace a sustainable lifestyle from the food we eat to how we adorn ourselves shopping for vintage jewelry is a small step towards living a greener life.

Do you love the statement earring trend too?

Statement Earring Trend

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