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Vancouver, It’s Time to Prep Your Spring Garden Now
Vancouver is in full-on Fall mode and another Spring and Summer season may have past without realizing your gardening dreams but it’s time to prep your Spring garden now! The green revolution has city dwellers and surbanites inspired to leave a smaller ecological footprint and one of the ways of doing this is growing some [...]
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Interviews | Julia Turshen of Small Victories Cookbook (Recipes Included!)
While we were in New York over New Year’s we had the chance to do an interview with Julia Turshen of Small Victories Cookbook and pry deeper into her cooking process as well as ask our own kitchen-related questions. Small Victories (released in Fall 2016) is a culmination of years of experience in [...]
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Home-Ec | Try Our Cranberry Apple Crumble Recipe
  This cranberry apple crumble recipe is the ultimate desert on a chilly winter’s night. We recently cycled by the cranberry fields when they were drowned with water, creating a sea of pink. Workers were knee deep in the field, gathering up the floating berries. While Vancouver may not have tropical fruits growing in our [...]
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Home Ec | Parsnip and Chestnut Salad Recipe
This parsnip and chestnut salad recipe is an amazing soul-food side dish.¬†Preparing a meal, is the perfect opportunity to awaken our senses especially after a mind-numbing workday and Her Vancouver thinks there’s no better way to do that then by using fresh and seasonal, local ingredients. We’re committed to only choosing vegetables that grow in [...]