Music Class
Music Class | Maggie Rogers
There are times we’re certain we live under a rock like when Her Vancouver’s music contributor, Della, introduced us to singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers and we were like, “Who?” Della showed us Maggie’s music video to her song Alaska and we fell in love with this girl’s folksy, electric pop vibe. Of course [...]
Music Class
Music Class | Monday to Friday
You just got home from work, ripped off your bra, put on your slippers and now that dinner’s in the oven you’re ready for a glass of wine and some easy listening. These songs chosen by Her Vancouver music contributor, Della, are the perfect tunes to soothe your weary, work-self. We hope you discover some [...]
Interviews | Musician Della Orrey
Della Orrey is a talented young singer and songwriter and a much loved music teacher at the Vancouver-based studio, Song of Stars. Most recently Della became Her Vancouver’s Music Contributor. Have you ever met someone who you think is on the cusp of greatness? Not necessarily fame or fortune but a world changer and cultural [...]
Home Ec
Home Ec | Parsnip and Chestnut Salad Recipe
This parsnip and chestnut salad recipe is an amazing soul-food side dish. Preparing a meal, is the perfect opportunity to awaken our senses especially after a mind-numbing workday and Her Vancouver thinks there’s no better way to do that then by using fresh and seasonal, local ingredients. We’re committed to only choosing vegetables that grow in [...]