About Her Vancouver
About Her Vancouver

Her Vancouver’s goal is to introduce you to Vancouver women who call this city home. From green as grass entrepreneurs to CEOs, from students to retirees, from women on the street to women with real estate, we’re going to listen to her story and share with you Her Vancouver. Our desire is to bridge generational, ethnic and economic gaps between females by building an inspired, supportive network of Vancouver women. In advocating for other women, we can build a stronger, safer world.

As we introduce you to amazing Vancouver women, along the way we also share bits and pieces from the school of life. Her Vancouver covers all our favourite subjects; from health (P.E.) to must-reads (Language Arts), from awesome tunes (Music) to seasonal eats (Home-Ec).

Meet the Founder

Her Vancouver was conceived by Michelle Gadd. Michelle has worked in the publishing industry as a freelance writer for six years covering a range of lifestyle topics. Her favourite work is interviewing individuals and hearing their story. It was out of this passion that Her Vancouver was born. Having lived in Vancouver for over a decade Michelle has her finger on the pulse of the city and is fluent in the language of advocating for stronger, sustainable communities. She hopes that Her Vancouver will be a place of connection for women looking for support and inspiration on their life’s journey.

Vancouver Women
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